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Holiday decorating, interior and exterior, for private homes, hotels, corporate offices, and events.
Take the stress out of decorating your home for the holidays! Hire me to do it!

Mini Holiday Village Collection

Start a family tradition with my lighted village holiday collection, I decorate your home with  houses, accessories, like glitter trees and figurine that is just right for your holiday decor. From Dickens like vintage English charm to a lighthouse and boats, all American scene to a Swiss alpine village

I can integrate your existing Christmas decorations and family heirlooms into a personalized holiday design. The holiday theme is determined in a 30-minute consultation where we discuss your style, budget and timing. Pricing includes installation and take down of all indoor and outdoor lighting, fresh floral, greenery, live or artificial trees, garlands, wreaths, swags and rental items, such as Mini Holiday Villages, Nativity Scenes, Nutcrackers, Snowmen, and Santa, Sleigh and Reindeer.

I decorate homes and business in Los Angeles, including Beverly Hills mansions and large family homes and estates in Brentwood, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Malibu, and Pasadena.

Real or Fake Tree for your holiday home decor?

The tree is always the focal point, so I hand pick your Christmas tree. Most of my clients want a real tree because it has a smaller carbon footprint and is safer in homes. The type and color of tree that I choose depends on the theme we have chosen and if it needs to hold heavier ornaments.

A fresh-cut Christmas evergreen tree is grown in the US and supports a local tree farmer.  They are 100% biodegradable and can be recycled for a variety of purposes benefiting wildlife and nature after the holiday is over. They are fragrant and contain no chemicals.

Artificial or fake Christmas trees are manufactured in China and shipped to the US. Made from PVC, a non-renewable resource, and other metals and chemicals. Artificial trees have been tested and found to have dangerous levels of lead and arsenic, the bending of the branches degrades the plastic and particles of dust containing lead and arsenic float in the air and land on the packages and gifts under the tree.  The average life span of an artificial tree is about six years, after that they end up in landfills where it is estimated they will take over 500 years to degrade while lead, arsenic and petroleum byproducts are leached into the ground and our water systems.

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